Deleted node is still in global ldap / adam db, and how to delete it

If you don’t want to read my troubleshooting and findings you can scroll to the bottom for the guide / instruktions how to locate them. But I recommend you to read trough everything as it can give you some pointer for the feature if you run in to other issues.

After I had deleted some old Connection Servers and doing it according to best practices etc. It was still present somehow.

I didn’t notice this until I was going to update the Connection Servers months later. When I was running the Connection Server update it did prompt me “Some nodes in the global LDAP cluster are unreachable. There is a risk of schema collisions if the scheme is upgraded while some nodes are offline.”
I was sure that I had deleted them all and in fact the servers was deleted from the Hypervisor also.

First I went looking in Horizon View just to make sure the nodes was deleted. And they was deleted.

Then I was running repadmin.exe /showrepl localhost:389 DC=vdi,DC=vmware,DC=int on each Connection Server and it flagged that everything was fine.

I did know that the issue was with the global ldap as Horizon did tell me that during the update, but I just wanted to be sure of it.

Ok, so then I did run repadmin.exe /showrepl localhost:22389 dc=vdiglobal,dc=vmware,dc=int and take a look what it did return:

Now I was 100% sure that the old connection servers that I did remove before somehow was still remaining in the global ldap.

So I opened ADSI Edit and looked in the global Adam database LDAP://localhost:22389/DC=vdiglobal,DC=vmware,DC=int. And I couldn’t find the old connection servers there. This was strange!
How to connect to local Adam database

After some thinking and some googling I did remember that in one error messages it was telling me CN=Configuration and to access that In ADSI Edit you need to change “Select a well known Naming context” to “Configuration”. So after doing that I could locate the old Connection Servers! After deleting them and waiting for 10-15min everything was fine again. Take a look below for a full guide of how your doing the above.

Guide / Instruktions

  • Open Run in windows as administrator and write Adsiedit.msc press enter or click OK
  • Right click on ADSI Edit then click on “Connect to…”
  • Fill it out so it looks like in the picture below
  • Now expand it like the picture below and then under the OU=Servers you will find your servers
  • Right click on the server you want to delete and delete it.

Now just give it some time to sync and within 30min everything should work fine and your old nodes are gone from the global adam database.

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