This function has been updated and renamed to Confirm-NeededModules, see the new readme below.


This function are making sure that the needed modules are installed, up to date and imported.
I have made it dynamic so you can use switches to activate some of the features, like: -ImportModule, -OnlyUpgrade, -DeleteOldVersion. You can read more in the blog post or in the script file.

This script will do the following

  • Checks so TLS 1.2 are used by PowerShell
  • Making sure that NuGet and PowerShellGet are installed as provider
  • Making sure that PSGallery are set as trusted
  • Checks if the module are installed, if it's not installed it will be installed.
  • If the module are installed it will check if it's the latest version if not then it will update the module.
  • If the module are updated the script will uninstall the old version of the module.
  • Import the modules at the end



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