Installation Instructions

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Host Setup

It's really easy to install Franky as we have provided a installation script for it. Just download the script and run it on the host as admin.
It's some settings that you still need to do manually, but we have listed them below and will walk you trough them.

You can download it trough this link: Coming soon!

So after you have executed the Host_Install_Script.ps1 the different values that you should change in the files below have been provided to you, you can also find them in a autogenerated file that are located in C:\Temp
You can find the files below in this folder: C:\ProgramData\UniversalAutomation\Repository.universal





I have included logging that are stored in Eventlog on the host/s.

When that's done you just need to change [bool]$ActiveEventLog variable from $false to $true in the variables.ps1 file.
You can find the variables.ps1 file at C:\ProgramData\UniversalAutomation\Repository.universal As default it's set to $false

Load Balancing

It's possible to run this dashboard with multiple hosts and use git for it if you follow the process below.
It's also working if you have a VIP address and then attach the hosts to the VIP address.

  1. In PSU admin on each host create an AppToken. If you set an expiration date on the AppToken remember that date as it will stop working after that date and then the load balancing will also stop working.
  2. In the dashboard.ps1 file you should change [bool]$ActivateLoadBalancing to $true
  3. Go in to the Component load balancing.psm1 file and change the host1 etc. and also add the AppToken for each host.
  4. Change the needed information in variables.ps1 and also in appsettings.json file to your VIP address.

Client Setup

To make sure that we can manage computers from the "Computer" section from Franky we need to either make sure that we have activated WinRM on every client or we can set it up with a GPO, below we will walk you trough it.


On every singel client

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