PowerShell Scripts

I’m writing some useful PowerShell Scripts from time to time and I’m collecting them in my repo and also posting them at my blog.




All of the Windows scripts are stored in the Windows folder in this repo

  • Get-UserProfiles
    This function will let you show all of the user profiles that are stored on a local or remote computer, you can also delete one specific user profile or all of them.
  • AD-Tool
    With this script you can troubleshoot ADUser accounts.
  • Windows-Maintenance
    With this script it automate maintenance for Windows 10 and 11 for example running Windows Update, deleting tempfiles and folders and much more.
  • Find-NeededModules
    This function are making sure that the needed modules are installed, up to date and imported.
  • Get-MonitorInformation
    Returns information about all the monitors that has been connected to the local or remote computer
  • Remove-BrowserSettings
    This function let you delete Edge or Chrome settings for a specific user or users from either local or remote computer.


All of the VMWare scripts are stored in the VMWare folder in this repo
You must install VMWare.PowerCLI before you use my scripts, you can do that with Install-Module -name VMware.PowerCLI -Force

  • Get-VMSerial
    Returns the serial number of one or more VDI:s.

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